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The huichol gourd bowl as a microcosm
Olivia Kindl
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Huicholes - Costumbres y tradiciones
Huichol art has been studied by a number of authors 1900, 1973 [1902]; Preuss 1911, 1912; Furst 1972; Berrin grin 1985, 1986; Schaefer and Furst 1996; Garcia de MacLean 1995; Zingg 1998; Schaefer n.d.). Among these Preuss (1911, 1912) stands out for having assigned an to the decorated gourd bowls produced by the Huichol ans, who together with the Tepehuan and Mexicanero up the Gran Nayar cultural region. In this paper I follow work by focusing specifically on Huichol gourd bowls show how these objects constitute miniature models of act as communicative vehicles between distinct cosmological also discuss the implications of these ideas for understanding portance of gourd bowls as a fundamental form of Huichol culture.
University of Arizona
Journal of the southwest
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